We often make pledges for projects that are in the early fundraising stages. We hope this encourages other funders to support you too.

Announcing your pledge

If you have received a pledge this means that a grant depends on your organisation raising the full costs and the work is definitely going ahead. We ask therefore that you don’t announce our support publicly until you have met all the conditions of our pledge and have the money in your bank account. Then you are very welcome to announce our support publicly!

Acknowledging our support

Once you have met all the conditions of your pledge and we have released your grant payment, we would be proud to have our support acknowledged in any publications you produce about the work we are directly supporting and in any other appropriate places such as social media, your website or annual report. Please only acknowledge our support during your grant period and remove our name and/or logo once your grant period has ended (unless your grant is for a capital project and we are named on a permanent donor board – see capital for guidance)

If you are referring to funders by name only, please use Garfield Weston Foundation.

If you are including logos, you can access our logo and guidance on how to use it here.

Acknowledging support for capital projects

If you are recognising the support of funders for your capital project in a permanent way (such as donor board or wall or recognition) please include our name and/or logo. Please send us a proof of how our name/logo will appear in advance and allow three working days for us to approve its use – please email a proof to

If your organisation is offering to name a specific space or room in recognition of the Foundation’s support, we would be delighted to discuss this with you so we can agree on an appropriate space and name. Please email to start the conversation.

When to report

Send us your end of grant report when your project has completed and, if your grant is for a capital project, your building is open and operating (if relevant).

If for any reason your project is delayed beyond your grant period, please contact us in advance to request a grant extension.

If you’re not sure when your grant report is due, log into your online account to check or email us at