Project or capital

If your grant is for a specific project/activity or capital project, this section is for you.

Announcing your grant

The first thing we are often asked by our charity partners is ‘Can we announce our grant?’ If you have received a grant towards a specific activity/project or capital project and it is going ahead, the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘congratulations’!

Social media

If you wish to publicise your grant on social media, please feel free to do so. We are @WestonFdn on X, @GarfieldWestonFoundation on Facebook, we are  @westonfdn on Instagram, and Garfield Weston Foundation on LinkedIn.

Where we can, we’re happy to support your efforts, including any key milestones, so do tag us when you can.

Acknowledging our support

We would be proud to have our support acknowledged in any publications you produce about the work we are directly supporting and in any other appropriate places such as your website or annual report. Please only acknowledge our support during your grant period and please remove our name and/or logo once your grant period has ended.

If you are referring to funders by name only, please use Garfield Weston Foundation.

Capital projects

Please include our name and/or logo (depending on which format you are using for your funders) on your donor board. Please send us a proof of how our name/logo will appear in advance and allow three working days for us to approve its use – please email a proof to

If you are including logos, you can access our logo and guidance on how to use it here.

When to report

Send us your end of grant report when your project has completed and, if your grant is for a capital project, your building is open and in operation (if relevant).

If for any reason your project is delayed beyond your grant period, please contact us in advance to request a grant extension.

If you’re not sure when your grant report is due, log into your online account to check or email us at

Multi-year project grants

Our multi-year grants are typically made over two or three years and are towards either an organisation’s operating/core costs or to a project that will extend over a number of years. Please not that we do not make multi-year commitments to capital projects. If there are any conditions specific to your multi-year grant, these will be outlined in your initial grant offer email.

Announcing your multi-year project grant

The first thing we are often asked by our charity partners is ‘Can we announce our grant?’ If you have received a multi-year grant towards a project that is starting now, the answer is ‘Yes!’ If your project has yet to start, please wait to announce your grant until your project is going ahead.

How to access your multi-year funding

You will receive an email offering you a multi-year grant with a copy of our grant terms and conditions. To access the first grant payment, you will be asked to send us your organisation’s bank details and a copy of your organisation’s latest bank statement (dated within the last three months)  via your online account. Once we have received these details and checked them, your first grant payment will be paid into your organisation’s bank account within 14 days. Easy!

To access your subsequent grant payments we ask for the following which can be submitted via your online account:

  • an update report (see ‘update report’ section below for what to include) every 12 months until your grant ends
  • a summary of your anticipated income and expenditure for the forthcoming year (either your financial or calendar year, whichever you use for planning)
  • a copy of a recent bank statement for your organisation (dated in the last three months)
  • your organisation’s bank details
  • a copy of your latest independently audited or examined annual accounts

Unless we have any questions, we will do our best to make your next grant payment within 14 days.

Multi-year grant reporting

Grant reports are how we learn about our charity partners. They help us understand any changes you’ve experienced during your grant period. They also keep us up to date about issues and challenges your beneficiaries are experiencing.

When to report

When your first-year grant period is coming to an end, please send us an update report to request the release of your second grant payment. If you have a three-year grant, please repeat this process at the end of your second-year grant period.

Update Report

We want to learn about your work throughout your grant and ask for an update every 12 months until your grant ends. Your update report should summarise:

  • how the last portion of your grant was spent
  • progress in achieving the aims set out in your original application
  • any significant changes to your organisation and/or its work and if these impact the work we are funding
  • any changes to the plans in your original application including budgets and timescales
  • your organisation’s anticipated income and expenditure for the coming year – please don’t forget to include this!
  • key priorities for the coming year

End-of-grant report

Unless otherwise stated, the grant report for your multi-year grant is due at the end of your grant period which is either 24 or 36 months from the date of our emailing offering you a grant, depending on your specific grant period.

If you’re not sure when your grant report is due, log into your online account to check or email us at

We know that charities have to report to many funders. We are very happy for you to ‘recycle’ information you have used for other reports. We don’t have a specific form, you have the flexibility to tell us about your work in your own words. We do ask though that you keep it short and simple! You may find our Top tips for grant reports a useful guide.

We look forward to learning more about you and your work.