Using our logo

You can find our logo and guidance on how to use it here.

You may use our logo in communications about work we are directly supporting, however please check with us before using it in a promotional capacity and allow at least three working days for us to approve its use. 

Logo colours 

We have three logo variations: 

  1. Blue (Pantone 285) – our standard logo for use in all full colour publications and websites 
  2. Black – for use in black and white formats 
  3. White – for use on dark backgrounds (note: the white version is only visible when it is placed onto a coloured background) 

When using the logo on a background photo or graphic, please check the background has very low contrast and does not affect legibility.  Our logo is available as PNG files and as separate downloads at the bottom of this page.


The Foundation’s logo must not be distorted in any way. When scaling in document formats such as Microsoft Word, only use the corner handles to make sure proportions are maintained. 

Exclusion zone 

To allow breathing space around the logo, please don’t place other objects, logos or text too close to it.  

Landscape logo 

In some instances, the space you have available to display our logo could mean that the landscape version is more suitable to ensure that the logo is legible. For example, this may be the case if you are creating a banner to appear on hoardings while capital works take place. If so, please get in touch to request a high-resolution file and authorisation for its use.