Our team

As a responsible and open grant-maker, we work hard to ensure our funding reflects the huge range of diversity within UK's society. And we ensure that many perspectives are embedded within the Foundation, and especially within our team.

Our dedicated team is diverse and brings a range of lived experiences and perspectives to our grant-making. Many of us have been fundraisers or worked within charities, and many of us also volunteer outside of work.

All of our team are passionate about helping our charity partners to continue the work they do to support communities across the UK.

We are, in alphabetical order by first name:

Flora Craig, Deputy Director

Frances van Beek, Accounts Assistant

Gill Fisher, Interim Foundation Administrator

Harriet Brooks, Grants Manager

Hussain Hajjaj, Head of Operations

Jen Byrn, Admin Assistant

Laurel Ashton, Grants Manager

Philippa Charles, Director

Ruth Allen, Planning Manager

Shemina Sayani, Senior Grants Manager

Taryn Jensen, Accountant


Our work would not be possible without the support of our expert partners, who offer their invaluable expertise across a broad range of our work.

Bridget Hargreave, Social Media Manager

Clare Wilkinson, Head of Projects

David Allen, Wolf Design

Sarah Beach, Fortuna Editorial