Orchestras Live

Making orchestral music relevant for everyone, regardless of age, location or background.

Mixed group of adults and children playing musical instruments and singing

Based in Leeds, Orchestras Live takes orchestral music to areas of England that otherwise would have limited access to it. The charity specialises in rural, coastal and urban areas where it counters the response ‘posh music isn’t for the likes of us’ by co-creating work with community participants. The Foundation is keen to support charities in regions that struggle to access funds yet have significant need, so we’re pleased to support Orchestras Live’s focus in the North, Midlands and the East of England.

We appreciated the breadth of the charity’s work, not only co-creating orchestral works in the heart of communities, but also developing the talent of young, disadvantaged musicians, and its projects in health and social care settings.

Our core funding grant from the Foundation has enabled Orchestras Live to engage thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds in the thrill of live orchestral music and in positive shared creative experiences. Our work has inspired and brought joy to those living in the most under-invested and culturally under-served parts of England; widening access, improving opportunity and enabling creativity to flourish.

The charity showed a thoughtful approach to creating a legacy wherever it works, a firm commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and a desire to strengthen the sector via its skills work with other arts organisations in areas such as income generation planning. Orchestras Live also presented clear income and expenditure plans and a ‘can do’ attitude. We were happy to make a core cost grant over two years to support is regional community-based work.

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