Glasgow Wood

Reusing waste wood and timber to affect positive environmental and social change.

5 adults in workshop doing woodwork projects

The Foundation has always supported practical and proactive work that tackles societal issues and has prioritised organisations that work hard to create a broad a range of income sources. Glasgow Wood is a great example of both of these.

Glasgow Woods mission is to create a healthier and more sustainable population and planet. It provides training and volunteering opportunities for local people to tackle unemployment and social isolation in an area with high levels of multiple deprivation. By reusing timber and diverting it from landfill, the charity has saved 1,200 tonnes of carbon from going into the atmosphere in the past three years. Similar to many grassroots organisations, Glasgow Wood has seen a significant increase in demand, coupled with an increase in costs, particularly energy bills. Despite these challenges, the charity managed to increase its trading income from commercial contracts and expanded its partnership work to ensure it could signpost vulnerable people on its waiting list to ensure they could access support.

Glasgow Wood is delighted to be supported by the Foundation. It means a lot to us to be able to continue funding all our volunteering activity, to continue creating opportunities and to help us remain a sustainable social enterprise. We are making a particular effort to improve our retail service, with the intention of generating more income so we can support more people

In its funding application, Glasgow Wood demonstrated a thorough monitoring and evaluation approach plus clear business and fundraising plans. We were happy to support Glasgow Wood’s core costs to help it develop its reach and to continue to support both local people and the environment.

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