Grant Holders

Grant Terms and Conditions

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You will have received a copy of our Grants Terms & Conditions along with your grant letter and cheque. If there are any particular requirements relating to your grant, these will be detailed in your grant letter.


In some instances the Foundation may offer a grant to be paid when specific conditions have been met (for example when your organisation has raised a certain level of funds). In this instance you will receive a Pledge Letter which will outline what those conditions are along with a Pledge Release Form.

At the point you believe the conditions have been met, grants should be claimed by filling in the Pledge Release Form which enables you to give us the information we require in a simple format. If you applied online, please upload this form through your online account. If you submitted a postal application please send the completed form in the post to our usual address. Payment will only be made if the Foundation is content that the pledge conditions have been met.


The Foundation requests that the grant is acknowledged in an appropriate and timely way, though we appreciate that how this is done will depend on the nature of the organisation and the project. For grants towards core costs then please include our name in your organisation’s accounts and in any newsletters or updates you may produce, including on your website. For Capital grants please include the foundation name and/or logo on your donor board. Our logo is downloadable from the Grant Holders section of our website. If you require our logo in another format, please contact us.

For grants of £100,000 or greater we will discuss options with you – this may involve the naming of a specific space or room within a building or of a particular project or scholarship.


Occasionally the Foundation may ask its grantees to help increase the profile of its grantmaking within a particular region or area of work in order to encourage eligible organisations to apply for funding. If so, this will be specified within your grant letter and we will ask you to contact our Grants Team.

Social Media:

If you would like to announce your grant on Twitter you may wish to tag the Foundation using @WestonFdn. Due to the large number of grants we make each year, unfortunately we are not able to commit to tweeting about grants. We do however encourage you to tag us when you share updates about your project so we can keep up to date and ‘like’ your tweet where possible.


We are delighted to receive invitations to events related to your charity’s work or to the specific project we have supported. These should be sent to the Foundation’s office for the attention of the Director. Trustee diaries are checked automatically when invitations are received and we respond to all RSVP invitations. We regret that it may not be possible to attend, however please do continue to let us know of events you are running as these help to keep us in touch with your activity.