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How to Apply

We appreciate that applying for funds can be time consuming so we aim to make our process as simple as possible.

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We wish to appreciate the distinctive nature of your charity so we don’t use rigid forms, but we do ask that you read our guidelines carefully to ensure you have included all the information our Trustees need to make an informed decision – this will speed up the decision process for you.   You may submit your application online through our website and receive an immediate acknowledgement email, giving you the comfort that we have safely received it. Applying online also enables you to save your proposal and share it with colleagues.

Please do the following BEFORE applying:

  1. Check that you are eligible to apply for funding and read our Application Guidelines thoroughly – our eligibility quiz will help you.
  2. Write your funding proposal – this should be a maximum of 10 sides of A4 including your budget and fundraising plan and any other relevant information, and save either as a Word document or PDF. We require all your information to be within this one document – we cannot accept appendices. Our guidelines outline all of the information that we require.
  3. Ensure you have a copy of your organisation’s latest audited accounts. If you are a small charity and not required to produce audited accounts, please provide your annual budget (with income and expenditure).
  4. Have your bank details ready to submit.  We will need the name of your organisation’s bank account, account number and sort code.  If you bank with a Building Society we will require your account’s roll number.
  5. We will require a recent copy of your organisation’s bank statement (i.e. dated within the last three months).  The bank statement should clearly show the date, account name, sort code and account number.
  6. If you are applying from a church or place of worship, ensure you have a picture of the exterior of the building.
  7. Go to Apply Now where we will ask you to create an account – this is so you can save your application before it’s completed and can share it with other people. You will be asked to upload your application, accounts, bank statement (and image of church if appropriate). You will immediately receive an email confirming receipt of your application.
  8. If you wish to send us your application in the post, please read what you need to do here. You will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your application within four weeks.