Weston Property Manual Goes Live

Leading UK property advice charity, the Ethical Property Foundation, has launched the Weston Property Manual, in partnership with the Garfield Weston Foundation.

January 17, 2023

Logo for Weston Property Manual

The Weston Property Manual is a unique resource for the UK voluntary sector, providing comprehensive easy-read learning for everyone seeking to acquire and manage property.

The Weston Property Manual is divided into 12 interactive online sections. Each section is self-contained, written by an experienced property adviser and offering advice, practical tips, quizzes, case studies, resources, common pitfalls to avoid, plus a webinar. The Weston Property Manual also features an extensive Jargon Buster which helps the reader understand any unfamiliar property words.

Antonia Swinson, Chief Executive of the Ethical Property Foundations says “In these turbulent times, the sector needs calm, expert, easy-to-understand property advice.  The Foundation’s team of chartered surveyors and solicitors have delivered magnificently, and we are looking forward to sharing their work with the sector.  We are most grateful to Garfield Weston Foundation for their support and see this as a game changer for the sector in understanding and managing property.”

Philippa Charles, Director of the Garfield Weston Foundation, commented “Our Trustees are delighted to have initiated the Weston Property Manual in partnership with the Ethical Property Foundation, which we hope will be a useful practical resource for the many voluntary organisations who often deal with issues such as property management and planning.  The Garfield Weston Foundation has had a commitment to local, community-based organisations for over 60 years and the manual is a practical legacy born of our extensive experience supporting capital projects”.