What We Do


Our Trustees are actively involved and highly engaged in the work of the Foundation and give a significant amount of their time to review applications, visit charities and to meet people across the voluntary sector.

They also have additional philanthropic interests and non-Executive roles independent of their work with the Foundation. They bring a broad range of knowledge and experience across both commercial and charitable sectors.

Photo of Guy Weston, Chairman of Garfield Weston Foundation Trustees

Guy Weston, Chairman

A grandson of Garfield Weston and son of the late Garry Weston, Guy studied at Oxford University and INSEAD. Guy’s career began in investment banking before he moved to Associated British Foods plc where he became Managing Director of Jacksons of Piccadilly and The Ryvita Co. Guy has been Chairman of Wittington Investments and the Garfield Weston Foundation since 2000 and has led significant growth in donations.

Photo of Camilla Dalglish, Trustee

Camilla Dalglish

A daughter of the founder Garfield Weston, Camilla has served as a Trustee for over 30 years. After graduating from McGill University in Quebec, Camilla worked at Fortnum & Mason for two years before joining a luxury cookware retailer in Ontario. Camilla served on the Board of Directors of Fortnum & Mason for 33 years and she is also a Trustee of the Weston Foundation in Canada, a separate grant-making charity.

Photo of Kate Hobhouse, Trustee

Kate Hobhouse

A granddaughter of the founder, Kate graduated from Bristol University and worked across all departments in the luxury food and retailing business Fortnum & Mason. Kate became a Director of the business in 1998, a non-executive Director in 2005 and subsequently Chairman in 2008, succeeding her sister Jana Khayat. Kate is married with five children and lives in Hertfordshire.

Photo of Jana Khayat, Trustee

Jana Khayat

Jana studied History at Oxford before joining Fortnum & Mason. She succeeded her father, Garry Weston, as Chair of Fortnum’s in 2000, a position she held for eight years. Jana became a Trustee of the Foundation in 1994. Jana lives in Devon and is married with three children. She is a granddaughter of the founder.

Photo of Sophie Mason, Trustee

Sophia Mason

Educated at Durham University, Sophia has worked in publishing and journalism in addition to over 25 years’ experience in transformational grant making.  Sophia managed The Garfield Weston Foundation during the latter years of her father Garry Weston’s chairmanship before she became a Trustee in 1994.  Sophia is also a Trustee of the Mary Rose Trust and is a member of the Development Board for the National Portrait Gallery.


Eliza Mitchell, Garfield Weston Foundation Trustee

Eliza Mitchell

Eliza is a granddaughter of the Founder and studied History at the University of William and Mary in Virginia. She has had a broad ranging career including law and teaching and she has travelled extensively. Eliza has lived in the UK and currently lives in British Columbia where she farms; she is also involved in the separate family foundation in Canada.

Photo of Melissa Murdoch, Trustee

Melissa Murdoch

Melissa has a background in international development including human rights and public health projects in Cambodia and microcredit programmes in Peru. Melissa joined the Board of the Garfield Weston Foundation in 2008 and is also a Board member of a number of other charitable and philanthropic organisations. Melissa lives in Kent and is a granddaughter of the founder.

photo of George Weston, Trustee

George Weston

George studied at Oxford and has an MBA from Harvard. He has been Chief Executive of Associated British Foods (ABF) since 2005 and has been a member of the ABF Board since 1999. George’s previous roles have included Managing Director of Westmill Foods, Allied Bakeries and George Weston Foods Ltd (Australia). George is  a grandson of Garfield Weston.

Galen Weston, Trustee

Galen Weston

Galen Weston is one of Garfield Weston’s sons. He is the Executive Chairman of George Weston Limited, a company founded by his grandfather, George Weston, in 1882 that now processes and distributes food products throughout North America. He is also the Chairman of Selfridges Group Limited which he owns privately.