Empire Fighting Chance

Empire Fighting Chance was established in inner city Bristol to fight the impact of deprivation on young people’s lives. They use a combination of non-contact boxing and intensive personal support to inspire young people to realise their potential.

Working in boxing gyms in the heart of deprived areas, the charity gains the trust of 8-25 year olds, many of whom are at risk of exclusion and are tackling mental health issues, and they provide education, mentoring, job guidance and therapeutic support. The charity is confident that their progammes work – after working with Empire Fighting Chance 92% of young people’s school attendance improves and 90% move on into further education, employment or training. When the charity applied to the Foundation, they were on the cusp of expansion having successfully run a pilot programme in South Wales. They wanted to expand into four Welsh towns but needed funding to enable this growth. The charity was able to demonstrate that they successfully generate earned income from school fees and rents but required additional support from corporates and Trusts if they were to grow. Empire Fighting Chance had a sensible business plan and the Trustees were happy to support the organisation’s development. Today the charity works with an additional 29% of young people supporting up to 3,600 young people a year across Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and South Wales.

“Garfield Weston’s support has had a major impact on Empire Fighting Chance. The funding enabled us to start on our journey from a local Bristol charity to national organisation. The core funding that we received gave us the stability and flexibility needed to successfully scale our programme.” Martin Bisp, CEO.