Brain Injury Matters (NI)

Acquired brain injury refers to a brain injury, of any cause, after birth. This includes traumatic injuries such as following a road traffic accident or fall, or other causes such as stroke, tumours or infection. The physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural effects can range in severity and duration and the social impact can be significant including inability to work, strained relationships and the loss of friends.

Brain Injury Matters (NI) supports children, adults and families affected by acquired brain injury to rebuild their lives and reach their full potential in family and community life. The charity is based in Belfast but delivers many of its services throughout Northern Ireland. They support approximately 300 people a year with age-appropriate programmes, peer support and group social activities, provide counselling, sports rehab and physiotherapy services. The charity has a track record of adapting its services to meet need and demonstrated that they were taking steps to raise money from a variety of sources, including their social enterprise physical therapy service. Brain Injury Matters (NI) submitted an application for its expansion into rural areas which the Trustees were delighted to support in one of the Foundation’s priority regions.

“Funding from the Garfield Weston Foundation provides vital funding for the services and programmes we deliver and has provided confidence as we attract funding for other grants and awards. We have been able to develop partnerships with similar organisations across Europe, present our service delivery model at international academic conferences and seek to develop and provide world class support to all those who utilise our services.”
Dr Jonathan McCrea, Youth and Adults Services Manager.