The Blue Marine Foundation

The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is a UK-based charity, established in 2010 to combat the crisis of over-fishing.

scuba diver underwater

BLUE’s aim is to see 10% of oceans under protection by 2020. Its longer-term goal is to have a third of the world’s oceans under protection by creating marine reserves, influencing policy and establishing sustainable fisheries so fish stocks can start to recover – currently around 90% of global fish stocks are over-exploited.

Overseas, BLUE has played a pivotal role in securing the creation of some of the world’s largest marine reserves in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and in Ascension in the Atlantic. In UK domestic waters, BLUE has established a fully traceable fishery in Lyme Bay, Dorset which is transforming the lives of local fishermen.  As with many organisations, BLUE sought unrestricted funding to enable flexibility and the ability to react quickly to a changeable political environment.  The Trustees’ grant has helped the organisation to progress in a variety of programmes including completing a Conservation Reserve in Lyme Bay and establishing a marine reserve around Ascension – the largest in the Atlantic – thus protecting numerous endangered species of fish, turtles and seabirds.

‘Core funding from Garfield Weston has been invaluable in helping BLUE continue its work to reverse the crisis of over-fishing.  Post-Brexit, there is great uncertainty as to whether EU environmental grants will be available, so Garfield Weston’s support is more crucial than ever in enabling BLUE to carry out its vital work.” Clare Brook, CEO.