Young Enterprise NI

Young Enterprise NI is the largest business education charity in Northern Ireland and engages around 90,000 4-25 year olds each year through a variety of programmes. Their goal is to ensure that every young person within the country has the opportunity to develop vital life skills necessary to be successful in life and work.

As a result of the charity’s programmes, young people learn about the importance of working together, saving, earning and how business and government can work for the good of the whole community. They learn about the importance of decision-making, voting, taxes and explore issues such as debt, exchange and fair-trading. Programmes are delivered with the support of over 400 local business volunteers and, in addition to work placements, the charity encourages young people to create and run their own businesses.

Due to the increasing pressures on both statutory funds and school budgets, the charity was only able to access 15% of primary schools despite the demand for their programmes. Young Enterprise asked the Foundation to support the cost of their primary school work, particularly in areas of socio-economic need in order to provide role models of employment to help break cycles of underachievement and unemployment. When applying to the Foundation, the charity was able to demonstrate the impact of its work through its evaluation tools and that it was helping to build a future pipeline of individual donors by expanding its alumni work.

“Not only has the Foundation’s financial assistance enabled us to reach many more young people across Northern Ireland, it has contributed to the development of our Business Beginnings Trade Fairs where young people aged 10 and 11 now have the opportunity to create a product initiative, develop the product and then go to market place to sell it, giving the young people an experience that they would not have access to otherwise.” Carol Fitzsimons MBE Chief Executive