UK Summer Schools (Sutton Trust)

This grant continues a well-established partnership between two grant-makers – the Garfield Weston Foundation and the Sutton Trust.

In addition to undertaking research, the Sutton Trust runs a summer school program which is designed to increase access to the country’s leading universities.

summer school students listening to a guide

Its summer schools are one-week, subject-specific residentials aimed at talented students from non-privileged backgrounds.    At a time of increased tuition fees and heightened competition for places, these summer schools are a vital way to educate young people that leading universities are attainable and a crucial investment in their future.   In 2016 the summer schools supported over 2,100 students across 11 leading universities, with over 10,000 students applying for a place.

The Garfield Weston Foundation’s on-going support has enabled the summer schools to increase the intensity of activity in the North East of England, North Wales and Northern Ireland, where there are lower rates of progression to Higher Education.   The Trustees were keen to support students from these areas in particular as it matches the Foundation’s focus on supporting front-line charities in regions where there is particular need.  The Trustees awarded a multi-year grant to enable the Sutton Trust to build momentum in these key regions and to help improve the opportunities of young people in economically depressed areas.

“The Garfield Weston Foundation is  generously supporting UK summer schools in 2017, 2018 and 2019. This significant multi-year grant is helping the Sutton Trust to attract funding from other donors and grant-makers for its largest programme which will improve the educational opportunities of thousands more young people over the coming years.”  Dr Lee Elliot Major, Chief Executive.