Corpus Christi Youth Centre

Corpus Christi Youth Centre offers education and development opportunities to young people aged 8–25 years.

Corpus Christi Youth Centre is based in Ballymurphy, although more and more young people attend from different parts of west and north Belfast. Their programmes include health and wellbeing, drug and alcohol awareness, social action, life skills, IT, intergenerational work and cross-community projects.  

Based in an interface area that is also challenged by high unemployment, multiple deprivation, increased homelessness, limited services and increasing levels of crime, CCYC is an important neutral safe space for young people to meet up with friends. They can develop their personal skills and be active citizens in their community. Like many grassroots organisations, CCYC struggled with increased need but decreased funding during the Covid-19 pandemic. They were determined to continue operating on a reduced basis to ensure their young people could maintain a positive presence in their lives. 

This funding from Garfield Weston has allowed for us to offer more diverse programmes to the young people within the West Belfast remit. The grant has enabled us to create innovative projects such as residential and community clean ups to develop young peoples’ confidence and increase their awareness on the world around them.

CCYC has a thorough tracking and evaluation framework. They have young people on their management committee to ensure the charity is meeting their beneficiaries’ needs.  

CCYC is the only full time youth centre in the area and we were happy to make a two year grant towards its operating costs to help it emerge from the pandemic. 

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