Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community

Capital project to expand capacity in this vital Welsh community centre.

Elderly people chatting with cups of tea

Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community in Wales opened to the public in 2015. The local community saved the building from being demolished and raised the funds to restore it. Ever since, the centre has been bustling with local groups. Just three years after opening, the centre was at capacity and no longer able to meet local demand. As other local facilities closed, the Miners Centre was soon a victim of its own success! 

Garfield Weston’s grant has been vital. The conditions attached to the funding were less restrictive than other funders. This flexibility made all the difference in overcoming barriers, unforeseen costs and delays. Especially during the difficult journey of Covid. The grant has resourced our community hub. It has made our community more resilient and better connected. It helps us to support 75 volunteers and 500 visitors each week.  

The charity approached us with its plan to develop the upper floor of the building. The plan would provide 10 extra rooms for hire by groups and local businesses. This would help to meet demand and allow the charity generate create extra income. 

We appreciated that the charity had carried out a thorough local consultation. They had a robust business plan and had phased works as funds were raised. They had raised money from the local community which clearly showed how much the centre is valued. Grants had also been secured from the Welsh Government and grant-making trusts. The total cost of the project was nearly £900,000. With only £150,000 left to raise, we were delighted to make a grant of £75,000 to help close the funding gap. 


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