All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre

All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre is Scotland’s leading aerial dance company.

Girls swinging upside down on tall frame

Aerial dance is an art form that combines aerial acrobatics with dance, theatre and contemporary circus. The company works with a range of ages and abilities. They run free-to-access classes and major outdoor and large scale displays.  When they tour, they target communities that have limited access to arts, particularly in more rural and deprived areas of Scotland. Their recreational programme reaches nearly 400 people, aged 5-18 years, each week. The programme offers physical, mental and social benefits. Their busy youth talent development team helps young people access mentoring, training and performing opportunities. 

The funding from Garfield Weston has been brilliant in bringing stability in our core staffing, directly supporting projects that benefit a huge range of participants. It has allowed us to reach new areas and communities while being able to continue and develop existing delivery such as our work with youth groups in Edinburgh.

All or Nothing made the case that, despite the increased interest in aerial arts, the art form is mainly grassroots-based. Community groups don’t necessarily have the right level of safety measures and there is a need for industry specialists to support the sector. Their plans included expanding their outreach work and working in partnership with other cultural organisations to reach new communities. The charity has a good range of funding sources and was hoping to raise money from individuals. We were happy to make a grant to help them reach greater numbers of people, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

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