Weston Culture Fund

Weston Culture Fund

On 1 February 2021, the Foundation announced the outcome of the Weston Culture Fund which granted over £30 million to more than 100 cultural organisations across the UK.

Our much-loved museums, galleries, cultural centres and creative arts organisations are among the best in the world, and the Weston Culture Fund was created in response to Covid-19 which has had a devastating impact.  The fund aimed to support the sector to restart its work, refresh activities and re-engage audiences following Covid-19 closures. These organisations not only bring joy and wonder into our lives, but also play a vital role in their communities through learning and outreach; not to mention the wider employment and volunteering opportunities they create.

The scale of need was evident with requests totalling over £128 million. While it was never going to be possible to stretch the fund that far, our Trustees were impressed by the ingenuity and solidarity of the sector and were delighted to increase the fund by over 20% from its initial £25 million, granting over £30 million in total.

The Trustees’ took many factors into account when reviewing applications and, after multiple meetings, made difficult decisions. Whilst we are delighted to help so many creative partners through this unprecedented period of uncertainty, this is tempered by regret at having to turn away so many great charities, many of which we have long and valued relationships with.

The Weston Culture Fund honours the UK’s creative and cultural organisations which, while battling huge challenges of their own, endeavour to make life better for the rest of us.

The list of Weston Culture Fund grants can be accessed here

'Amadeus' at the National Theatre, Marc Brenner

‘Amadeus’ at the National Theatre, Marc Brenner