Weston Anniversary Fund Evaluation Published

We are delighted to share the key findings from the first phase of the Foundation's internal and external evaluation of the Weston Anniversary Fund - the time-limited fund we ran in 2018 to celebrate the Foundation's 60th anniversary. Conducted by Dr Beth Breeze, Director of the Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent, the evaluation has given us valuable insights into what was successful about the fund and what we can improve on.

In addition to being able to support local community's facilities, attracting new applicants was a key goal of the fund and we are delighted that nearly 60% of applicants to the Weston Anniversary Fund had never applied to the Foundation before. You will read in the report that working in partnership with other funders, umbrella bodies and sector stakeholders to raise awareness of the fund was particularly successful and we are grateful to all those organisations that helped us spread the word.

Over a quarter of the 2,300+ charities that applied to the Weston Anniversary Fund took part in the evaluation which we were delighted with. We are taking what our applicants have told us seriously and have already taken action – we have further improved our guidelines to make them even more straightforward and as helpful as possible and we are planning a series of webinars to help organisations understand what we look for in an application.

We hope you find the Shared Insights report informative and interesting.