New Weston Culture Fund Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that the Foundation is finalising details for the one-off Weston Culture Fund which will launch on the 5th October.

This £25 million fund is designed to support mid to large scale cultural organisations in the UK to help them restart work, re-engage with audiences, adapt to changed circumstances and generate revenue. The fund is specifically for charitable organisations with a pre-Covid regular annual income of £500,000 or greater; smaller organisations will be able to apply for our regular grants programme via our website as usual.

We are currently finalising the details and will launch the Weston Culture Fund via our website and Twitter on the 5th October.

Closing date for applications will be 9th November and decisions will be announced by the end of January 2021.

Please note we are unable to share any details prior to the 5th October to ensure fairness for everyone – therefore please do not call or email us asking for further details but do visit our website on the 5th October which will have all the information required.

In the meantime we wish you good health and good spirits.