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Weston Culture Fund Grantees

This section is specifically for those organisations that are in receipt of a Weston Culture Fund grant.

Weston Culture Fund Grant Terms and Conditions

Should you need to refer to the grant terms and conditions that relate specifically to the Weston Culture Fund, click here.


We are delighted to support your organisation and are happy for you to acknowledge the Foundation’s support – we ask that you include the Foundation in any list of funders that your organisation produces, whether in your annual accounts, report, website etc. Please refer to our guide to acknowledging the Foundation’s support for practical tips to consider.

Press Releases

If you would like to announce your Weston Culture Fund grant in the media, you may wish to include the following pre-approved quote from Philippa Charles, Director:

“Our cultural sector is at the heart of our local communities providing not only entertainment but education and inspiration for many. Our Trustees were impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit shown across the arts in response to Covid-19 and it was a privilege to hear what organisations had been doing to not only survive but also to reinvent the way they reach audiences. What really stood out was the level of collaboration and support they had for each other and the determination to keep going, despite the increasingly difficult situation.

 We all want and need our cultural sector to thrive and, if anything, our time away from the arts has shown just how important they are to us – bringing much needed pleasure and enrichment to our lives. Arts organisations are desperate to re-open and get back to what they do best, and we hope that this new funding will help many of them do exactly that.”

You may also use this standard paragraph about the Foundation in Notes to Editors:

Established over 60 years ago in 1958, the Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded, grant-making charity which supports causes across the UK and gave over £88 million last year.  It has donated well over £1 billion to charities since it was established.

One of the most respected charitable institutions in the UK, the Weston Family Trustees are descendants of the founder and take a highly active and hands-on approach. The Foundation’s funding comes from an endowment of shares in the family business which includes Twinings, Primark, Kingsmill (all part of Associated British Foods Plc) and Fortnum & Mason, amongst others – a successful business model that still endures today; as the businesses have grown, so too have the charitable donations.

From small community organisations to large national institutions, the Foundation supports a broad range of charities and activities that make a positive impact in the communities in which they work. Around 2,000 charities across the UK benefit each year from the Foundation’s grants.

Please see our full media brief here.

Social Media

If you have an active social media presence and wish to announce your Weston Culture Fund grant on a social media platform, such as Facebook or Twitter, please do so.  On Twitter, please tag the Foundation using @WestonFdn and use the hashtag #westonculturefund.


You are welcome to use our logo appropriately in any communications about your Weston Culture Fund grant.  Click here to access our logo in various formats and our guidance to using the logo in various mediums.