Grant Holders

Weston Anniversary Fund Grantees

This section is specifically for those 156 organisations that are in receipt of a Weston Anniversary Fund grant.

The full list of Weston Anniversary Fund grantees can be found here.

Weston Anniversary Fund Grant Terms & Conditions

Should you need to refer to the grant terms and conditions that relate specifically to the Weston Anniversary Fund, click here.

Branding and Logos

A number of the capital projects supported by the Weston Anniversary Fund will not be completed until the end of 2020 and therefore we have ensured that our anniversary logo and branding guidelines  are available here.  For general, non-professionally produced materials (e.g. Word documents) please download this file.  Should you require PNG or EPS formats please contact us so we can supply these to you.

Our anniversary logo is only to be used for Weston Anniversary Fund projects . If you have any questions about our branding or the terms relating to your Weston Anniversary Fund grant, please call our Grants Team on 020 7399 6565.

Weston Anniversary Fund Evaluation

We are very keen to learn about the long-term impact of the Weston Anniversary Fund, both to the organisations supported and, crucially, to the communities in which their projects are rooted. It is for this reason that we have commissioned an independent, external evaluation of the fund to be conducted by Dr Beth Breeze, Director, Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent. We look forward to sharing the results of this summary in 2021 and we are very appreciative of our Weston Anniversary Fund grantees for participating in the study.