Grant Holders

Logo and Comms for Grant Recipients


We are delighted to support your organisation and are happy for you to acknowledge our support in any publications you produce about the work which the Foundation is directly supporting and in any other appropriate mediums e.g. annual report. Where you list your donors, whether in your accounts or in other materials, please include the Foundation.

For Major Grants (£100,000 and above) we will be delighted to discuss acknowledgment options with you – this may involve the naming of a specific space or room within a building or of a particular project.

Press Releases

If you would like to acknowledge our funding in a press release or any other type of media coverage, please send a copy of your draft press release prior to publication to the Foundation’s Grants Assistant Lisa Friel at and allow at least three working days for approval.

You may use this standard paragraph about the Foundation in Notes to Editors:

The Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded charitable grant-making trust which supports a wide range of charitable activities across the UK. Established in 1958 by Willard Garfield Weston, the Foundation has donated over £960million, becoming one of the largest and most respected charitable institutions in the UK. In the last financial year the Foundation has donated over £62million. The Trustees are descendants of the founder and the Weston Family takes a highly active and hands-on approach. Over 1900 charities across the UK benefit each year from the Foundation’s grants.


You may use our logo appropriately in communications about work we are directly supporting, however please check with us first before using it in a promotional capacity and allow at least three working days for us to approve the usage.  Our logo should only be used with the exact pantone or in black or in white if there is a darker coloured background.

Here you can find our logo in a variety of formats to ensure that they are suitable for your purposes.


jpeg – this can be scaled up and down and whilst remaining in proportion

Professionally produced materials

If you are using designer or printer to produce materials, they have software to open the following formats:

  • blue eps – our standard logo
  • pantone eps – this is the exact pantone reference for our standard blue logo – our logo should only be used with the exact pantone or in black or white if there is a coloured background
  • white eps – this is used if the logo is to etched into stone or glass or is reversed out of a coloured background


If you are producing a simple Word document (or any other MS Office compatible format), then please download this file. We ask any organisation using our logo to refer to our Branding Guidelines.

If you have any questions or are still not certain which logo to use, please contact us.

Social Media

If you have an active social media presence and wish to announce a successful grant on a social media platform, such as Facebook or Twitter, you are welcome to do so.

Please note it is not a condition of the grant for you to share any information on social media.

Pledge Recipients

We are delighted to have made a pledge to your organisation and wish you every success in obtaining the rest of the funding from other sources. Until the funds are released, we are not an active donor and therefore ask that we are not referenced on websites or in any marketing materials. The use of the Garfield Weston logo is only permitted once the pledged funding has successfully been released and the funds are in active use. However, we are happy for you to refer to our pledge in any applications for potential funding, in discussions with potential funders or in a press release to announce our pledge, provided it is explicitly noted as a pledge.