Garfield Weston Foundation’s ‘Prioritising Our Planet’ Report Launches

This report comes at a critical time for our environment – despite the urgent need to protect our natural world,  the Foundation has not been receiving the level and quality of applications from environment charities that we hope for. We therefore commissioned this survey to hear directly from UK environmental organisations, to help us understand the issues being faced by non-profits working across the environment sector and to inform our grant-making practice so we can accelerate change for greater impact.

Philippa Charles, The Foundation’s Director says:

“We would like to thank all those who took the time and care to respond to the survey – your collective messages are clear and, while they don’t make entirely comfortable reading, they highlight opportunities for change and improvement; both for funders and for those working directly on environmental issues. This report reflects back what the experts have told us about the challenges they are facing and concludes with a brief analysis of the key messages we have taken on board as a funder; messages we will use to inform our work and the actions we take next. I hope you find the report informative and thought-provoking.”

Click here to download our report ‘Prioritising Our Planet’

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